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The SF-Kooperation is an international group of leading building material and paving stone producers that, with technically proven and innovative products and production procedures, always puts new emphasis on the consolidation and design of roads, paths and public places as well as gardens and landscaping.

The group was founded in the 1970s and emerged from the license group for the S-shaped stone founded in 1956.

National and international shareholders manufacture and distribute products of SF-Kooperation.

Products of SF-Kooperation

ECOPREC® is a construction method for new and refurbished concrete block pavings.

  • ECOPREC® purpose:

    • hances the properties of concrete block pavings, particularly on problematic undergrounds
  • ECOPREC® benefits:

    • Enhances the properties of concrete block pavings, particularly on problematic undergrounds
    • Reduces the permeability of block paving surfaces
    • Extends the application options for concrete paving block surfaces
    • Enhances horizontal and vertical stability of concrete paving block surfaces
    • Lowers costs through use of existing base course
  • ECOPREC® is particularly suitable for:

    • Refurbishing concrete paving block surfaces on base courses with low and no permeability
    • Building new traffic surfaces subject to high loads (lane-bound traffic, industrial surfaces)

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SF-Kooperation GmbH

Emdener Str. 19
D-45481 Mülheim an der Ruhr

Telefon: +49 208 46 91 68 22
Internet: www.sf-kooperation.de
E-Mail: kontakt@sf-kooperation.de

Please contact your local building materials specialist or your SF-Cooperation product manufacturer for price inquiries.